Cohesion, Justice, Truth!

Also I beseech you, that you love one another, do not permit good to be oppressed by violence, and desire that every one learns the truth.

I have come to Constance... Pray therefore to God to grant me perseverance, because many enemies and powerful opponents are rising up against me... But I do not fear anything, neither am I worried. I am sustained by the hope that after this great battle will come a great victory, and after the victory a greater reward and greater dishonour for my persecutors. M.J.Hus: Letter from Constance

The topics of the constituent students‘ meetings are inspired by the famous Hus quotation called the „Septalog“:

„Therefore, true Christian, search for Truth, hear the Truth, learn about Truth, love the Truth, speak the Truth, hold the Truth, defend the Truth up to your death, because the truth will save you from sin, devil, from death of soul and finally from the death eternal, which is the eternal separation from God’s mercy…“

Each meeting will be held under one of these Hus’s challenges

The Year 2013

1. Search for Truth!
2. Hear the Truth!
3. Learn about the Truth!

The year 2014

4. Love the Truth!
5. Speak the Truth!
6. Hold the Truth!

The Year 2015

7. Defend the Truth up to your death!

At each meeting we will read excerpts from selected texts of Master Jan Hus, which will celebrate its own particular anniversary during the years 2012 – 2015, 600 year from their writing.


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