The project Students read Hus is organized within the Hus Triennium, which was announced on July 6th 2013 by the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and will last through years 2012 – 2015, when it will finish also on July 6th 2015 at the occasion of 600th anniversary of the death in fire of Master Jan Hus.

The project aims on students of high schools and universities. It’s aim to present them the works of Master Jan Hus in seven thematic meetings – always headed by one statement of Hus’s “Septalog”. These meetings will be held in years 2013 and 2014 three times a year and once in 2015. The students will be lead by Czech or abroad specialists, husitologists, history teachers or Hussite priests and will read and interpret some of the works of Master Jan Hus.

Beside the fact, that the students will get to know more the works of this significant Czech thinker and Church reformer and will be able to imagine better the time he was living in and the ideas he struggled for, the student will have the chance to meet also students from other schools or faculties at these meetings. In addition, the project is organized by students and the participants can also organize their own meeting and reading at their own school or faculty.

Students Read HusThe meetings with reading will take place in Prague and also other cities and towns of the Czech Republic. The project will be also presented abroad, so we would like to organize some readings together with students from other countries. The reading itself will take place predominantly at the schools or faculties, in Prague it should be the Bethlehem’s Chapel – a place closely tied to Jan Hus, who used to preach here during his activity at the Prague University.

We will read selected texts of Jan Hus’s work – his letters to friends and supporters, critical treatises on what the Church should be like, how its clergy should live a how the believers should live as well. It is very interesting, how actual Hus’s thoughts still are! We will have also specialists at hand during the reading, which know Hus very well and study his legacy for many years, so they will be free to explain what is needed.

The students will be provided with space to discuss the text further not only at the meetings, but also through Facebook or a web forum or blogg here at the website. (The management of the website with study materials and discussion forum as well as the social network’s page is a competence of the organisational team.)

Of course, where students gather, there is also some fun, so after a good job it is needed to relax a bit. Each meeting will be connected with some other programme – concerts, exhibitions etc. As a part of the project we plan to offer also a smart phone app with the Hus texts database.