Cohesion, Justice, Truth!

Also I beseech you, that you love one another, do not permit good to be oppressed by violence, and desire that every one learns the truth.

I have come to Constance... Pray therefore to God to grant me perseverance, because many enemies and powerful opponents are rising up against me... But I do not fear anything, neither am I worried. I am sustained by the hope that after this great battle will come a great victory, and after the victory a greater reward and greater dishonour for my persecutors. M.J.Hus: Letter from Constance

Some 30 participants gathered in Prague on April 17th 2013 to read texts of Master Jan Hus as a part of Students read Hus! project.

We are happy to make you more familiar with the evening by presenting here the transcription and record of the lecture of Prof Petr Čornej and of the discussion with the participants.

You can use these materials as study resources for your own gathering. The texts itself can be found in a section Students read Hus! in a category FIRST READING. The transcription can be found here (aktivní link).

The record was made with a pocket recorder. We beg your apologies for a lower quality of the record, especially the last part of the discussion.


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