Cohesion, Justice, Truth!

Also I beseech you, that you love one another, do not permit good to be oppressed by violence, and desire that every one learns the truth.

I have come to Constance... Pray therefore to God to grant me perseverance, because many enemies and powerful opponents are rising up against me... But I do not fear anything, neither am I worried. I am sustained by the hope that after this great battle will come a great victory, and after the victory a greater reward and greater dishonour for my persecutors. M.J.Hus: Letter from Constance

mt_ignoreThe project Hus Triennium is being realized by the Commission of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church (CHC) for the jubilee 2015 and with the support of the External Affairs Dept.


Commission of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church for the jubilee 2015

ThDr. Tomáš Butta,  Patriarch of the CHC
Prof. ThDr. Zd. Kučera, Head of the Ideological Dept., Central Council Office CHC, Dean Emeritus HTF UK
Prof. ThDr. J. B. Lášek, Dean HTF UK
ThDr. Jiří Vaníček, Head of the Cultural Dept., Central Council Office CHC
PhDr. Jana Kobrlová,, Diocese Council of Prague CHC, Church Historian
Mgr. Hana Tonzarová, Th.D., Head of External Affairs Dept. Central Council Office CHC, Chair-person of the Commission
Mgr. Kateřina Děkanovská, Ph.D., Ecumenical Officer, External Affairs Dept. Central Council Office CHC

Project Manager and Chief Editor of the website

Mgr. Hana Tonzarová, Th.D.

Project Administration and Project Manager of Students Read Hus

Mgr. Kateřina Děkanovská, Ph.D.

External Affairs Dept.
Central Council Office
Czechoslovak Hussite Church
Wuchterlova 5
166 26 Praha 6 – Dejvice

External Affairs Dept. of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church is mainly engaged in ecumenical cooperation in the country and abroad and in cooperation with non-Church bodies. The Dept. organizes and coordinates also regular whole Church and ecumenical gatherings (Pilgrimage to Sázava, Ecumenical Students‘ Celebration).

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